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'Identity as a Service (IDaaS)'

Our innovative approach to digital identity management delivers ‘Identity as a Service’ (IDaaS). For any given on-line transaction, our software allows the service provider to manage ID verification.

More and more, companies are placing their services and products in the cloud (internet) benefitting from the reduced costs achieved by shorter development time and more rapid introduction of new services. This proliferation is somehow undermining end user (now most frequently customers) confidence in the credibility and security of the services offered. The safekeeping of personal identity and personal information is paramount. Both customer and service provider need to be secure in their online relationship and any activity involving the cloud. IDaaS (Identity as a Service) through GSW gives that security and peace of mind to both parties.

Security only truly starts and persists with the real-time Personal Identification of the customer and confident authentication of an authorised, genuine service. A continual validation of the service is necessary once a connection is established. Otherwise services are prone to external attack and possible identity theft. The GSW IDaaS service, utilising GSW technologies, ensures from base level upwards, defence is robust, thorough and complete through all levels of the commercial stack.